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Reinke’s Edema

Polypoid Degeneration of the Vocal Cords

Phonosurgery technique


1. Preoperative situation.

2. Cutting along the upper surface of the left vocal cord at the border with the vocal ligament.

3. The gelatinous content of the Reinke’s edema is seen.

4. Aspiration of the gelatinous content.

5. Aspiration inside the cavity of the edema. The vocal ligament is seen.

6. Picture of the cord after the aspiration of the edema.

7. Removal of the excess mucosa.

8. The final status of the vocal cord. Almost the entire traumatic surface is covered by mucosa.

9. Cutting along the upper surface of the right vocal cord.

10. The incision in the upper surface of the cord.

11. Aspiration of the edema.

12. The gelatinous texture of Reinke’s edema.

13. Removing foci of organized edema.

14. Preservation of the mucosa of the cord.

15. Removal of the excess mucosa.

16. Covering the traumatic surface with the mucosal flap. A small prominence insists close to the anterior commissure.

17. Removal of a small focus of organized edema.

18. Final picture of the larynx. The traumatic surfaces of the vocal cords are covered with mucosa which accelerates healing and minimizes the risk of web formation.