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Vocal Cord Nodules

Polypoid degeneration of a vocal nodule

1. Nodule of the right vocal cord with signs of polypoid degeneration and hemorrhagic appearance. A smaller nodule on the left vocal cord.

2. Cutting with microscissors along the upper surface of the vocal cord at the junction with the healthy mucosa.

3. The nodule is grasped and dissected along its junction with the healthy mucosa towards the anterior commissure.

4. The anterior border of the nodule is cut with microscissors..

5. Cutting along the upper surface of the nodule of the left vocal cord.

6. Dissection of the posterior border.

7. Dissection of the anterior border.

8. Grasping the nodule and cutting its caudal surface.

9. The larynx after the completion of the procedure.