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Surgical treatment for snoring and sleep apnea

1. A view of the operational site. Loose soft palate that limits the oropharyngeal diameter.

2. The original curved incision between the tonsillar pillars.

3. Trying to identify and preserve the fibers of the muscles of the soft palate.

4. Transection of the muscle of the uvula and the mucosa of the posterior surface of the soft palate.

5. Removal of the uvula and a curved area of the soft palate.

6. Grasping, dissecting free, and removal of the right tonsil.

7. The tonsillar fossa after the removal of the tonsil.

8. Suturing the incised area of the soft palate and starting suturing the anterior with the posterior tonsillar pillar.

9. Completion of suturing the anterior with the posterior tonsillar pillar.

10. Grasping, dissecting free, and removing the left tonsil.

11. Suturing the tonsillar pillars on the left side. Completion of the operation.