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Left ear.

1. Elevation of the posterior tympanomeatal flap.

2. Entering the tympanic cavity.

3. Manipulating the chorda tympani.

4. Exposure of the chorda tympani, the incudostapedial joint, and the round window.

5. Widening of the posterior superior wall of the external auditory canal.

6. Completion of the widening procedure with a curette.

7. Exposure of the stapedial tendon.

8. Separation of the incudostapedial joint prior to cutting the tendon.

9. Cutting the stapedial tendon.

10. Cutting the stapedial crura.

11. The stapedial footplate is seen.

12. Perforation of the footplate (Stapedotomy).

13. The opening in the footplate.

14. Measuring the distance between the footplate and the lateral surface of the incus.

15. Insertion of the prosthesis.

16. Sealing of the Stapedotomy opening with connective tissue.

17. Covering the prosthesis loop over the incus with connective tissue.

18. Repositioning the tympanomeatal flap.

19. Packing with absorbable pledgets and wound closure