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Diseases of the scull base


The bones on which the brain “rests” constitute the scull base.  This anatomic frontier separates the brain from the nose, eyes and ears.  It exhibits its own pathology which may be limited inside the bones of the base or affect areas on both sides of the bones of the scull base, presenting special difficulties both diagnostic and therapeutic.

The dealing with the operation of the scull base does not require extraordinary abilities.  It presupposes systematic occupation, meticulous theoretical study and practice.  It constitutes, indeed, a typical example of an area whose approach on both diagnostic and treatment level requires the cooperation of many medical specialties and specific technological equipment.


The most important contribution to scull base surgery probably came from the developments in anesthesia, recovery and intensive post-surgery care techniques.  In the near future, especially, we will have to expect further developments in this sector, as far as the operational techniques and technological equipment are concerned