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Diseases of the neck

There is no anatomic element in the neck without a name, whose cutting or abuse, that is, does not have even a slight effect on the functioning of the organism.  The large vessels, the jugular and the carotid, the cranial nerves passing through the neck, but also organs such as the larynx, the thyroid gland, the esophagus, all these can become a source of pathology and all need to be recognized and dissected in case of surgical operation.

The squeeze of all these anatomic elements in a comparatively small anatomic area requires special abilities from the surgeon who will deal with this area, extensive knowledge of anatomy and frequent practice.


Despite the fact that the developments in the diagnostic approach of the diseases of the area at hand are quite significant due to the progress in technology, we cannot say the same for the techniques of the surgical treatment of these diseases. These, generally, remain the same as they have been described for several decades.