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Prominent ear

1. Marking the amount of skin to be removed. 2. Infiltration with local anesthetic.
3. Excision of the marked ellipse of skin in the posterior surface of the auricle. 4. Meticulous haemostasis obviates the need for drainage.
5. Removal of the skin. A small part of the mastoid is also revealed. 6. Elevating the skin and subcutaneous tissue.
7. Dissection of the postauricular muscle. 8. Removing tissue over the mastoid periosteum.
9. Revealing the mastoid periosteum. 10. The auricle is folded back for the antihelix to be formed and needles are inserted for marking.
11. The sharp edges of the needles. 12. Placement of mattress sutures encompassing both layers of perichondrium.
13. After placement, each suture is temporarily stretched to observe the effect on the antihelix. 14. All the sutures are placed before any are tied. The concha is sutured to the mastoid periosteum.
15. The result after all the sutures are tied. 16. Placement of the subcutaneous sutures.
17. Placement of the dressing.