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Head and Neck Diseases


The need to provide reliable information in a comprehensible and at the same time scientific and totally valid way, led us to create this website. Before talking to his / her attending physician, by reading this web page, the patient will get the first information regarding his/ her symptoms, the possible pathology these symptoms are related to and the alternatives he / she has in order to deal with his / her health problem.

Our field of interest is that of the head and neck. Unfortunately, an area rich in pathology, with particular diagnostic problems, whose treatment entails delicate and often complicated handlings. Our systematic  dealing with the surgery and pathology of this specific area in its whole range, provides us with the necessary self confidence so that we can address the patient and propose to him / her the solution for the health problem he /she is facing.

We consider our obligation to listen first to the patient, and then inform him/ her about his / her problem with sincerity and scientific competence, offering finally to him /her the best possible service, in accordance with the rules of art and science.

Ally in our effort is our love for what we do, our interest in following and observing international development in our science as well as the understanding of the necessity for team work. Opinions presented in this site, represent the points of view of our scientific team which, of course, are in alignment with the international practice.

The pictures on display are various cases of our scientific team. We would be pleased to receive further suggestions made by colleagues regarding the content of this website.


Anastasopoulos Georgios


Head and neck surgeon

Scientific team director